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2019-10-18 22:27:53

Excerpt from First Man with Ryan Gosling as Neil Armstrong. Universal Studios

Donald Trump wants to send astronauts back to the moon in 2024 as part of the Artemis program. The last time the United States stepped on our only natural satellite was in 1972. The president of the US actually improved the schedule originally set by NASA, which had set a 2028 target. But it will not be easy to meet this deadline, reports a NASA director, heard by a subcommittee of the US Congress, Wednesday, September 18, 2019, the Associated Press.

Kenneth Bowersox, acting associate administrator for NASA & Human Resident Operations, said, I won't bet on my oldest birthday or anything like that. Kenneth Bowersox thought that such tight timing was a good thing for NASA, but there were still several obstacles to achieving this project, namely financing and technical challenges.

The former American astronaut said, What is important is that we take off when we are ready, we have a successful mission when it is launched, and I will not sit here and say, so randomly, that we will get there.

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In June, NASA & Jim Bridenstine told CNN that the cost of the Artemis mission in the next five years would be between $ 20 billion and $ 30 billion, in addition to NASA's annual budget. existing amount of $ 21.5 billion. In comparison: the Apollo program cost much more: $ 110 billion, adjusted for inflation.

Previously interviewed by Business Insider US, retired astronaut Harrison Schmitt of Apollo 17, the last inhabited US mission on the moon, said that NASA must have money available to deal with uncertainties associated with this complex space program because the equipment engineering what is needed to return to the moon is full of surprises and the government has to prepare upstream for it. If you don't have these funding pools to cope with these unknown challenges, you have to miss a few steps, and the worst thing you can do politically in the space sector is miss steps. You have to stick to your goals.

The other unknown in the equation remains the launcher that will be used to send men back to the moon. The Space Launch System or SLS, under construction by Boeing for NASA, may not be ready on time due to many planning delays. According to Kenneth Bowersox, the first test launch is not expected until the end of next year.

US Vice President Mike Pence had implied that if the SLS were not ready on time, the US could call on private companies without mentioning the names of SpaceX or Blue Origin: if the Today's contractors (including Boeing (Lockheed Martin) cannot achieve this goal, we will find others who will succeed. If private rockets are the only way to bring American astronauts back to the moon in five years, then they will be private rockets . On this subject, Kenneth Bowersox replied: I would still bet on us – but they could be part of our program.

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