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2019-10-18 22:27:53

With the exception of Rosanna Arquette, none of the famous actresses denouncing Harvey Weinstein's actions have been included in the film. Is it for fear of spiders or boycotts?

Of course we contacted all those who were among the first to testify against Harvey Weinstein, but they did not respond to our requests. No doubt they felt they had nothing to say after their platform in the New York Times. In itself I am pretty happy with the women in the film. They are less well-known, but they are talented, brave and have given us deep testimonies. Their word was therefore powerful like that of all other victims, famous or unknown.

Moreover, you must know that not all women are in documentary actresses. Some are former Harvey Weinstein employees, including the lady we see at the start of the film. It was important for me to show this way of working that had prevailed for forty years and that concerned not only the actresses, but all those who worked in the film trade. And luckily, since the revelations regarding #metoo, there is a lot of activism to change the rules. I have as an example the committee of Screen Actors Guid Awards who now forbids writers, producers and directors to invite actresses into their hotel room.

What he says is a sexual addiction is in my eyes a abuse of power.Ursula Macfarlane

Despite apologies to women and her therapy for sexual addiction, Harvey Weinstein later denied the charges for rape and claimed that his relationship all agreed … How do you understand this reversal?

He never actually admitted these accusations. He has always denied the rapes and said his relationship agreed and he just keeps saying the same thing. His trial begins on September 9 and I am sure he will develop the same argument. What he says is a sexual addiction is in my eyes a abuse of power. A simple abuse of power as we see so much with men in this area.

Many protagonists of the documentary have had to deal with intimidation and intimidation. And you?

No, no pressure. We have asked Harvey Weinstein several times to give us an interview for the film. He always refused. Moreover, I was surprised because after my conversations with different people I knew he could have done that. I believe that after the explosion of the scandal he was very busy preparing his trial with his lawyers, so the answer is no.

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June 3, 2019. The actor Kevin Spacey during a hearing before the court of Nantucket, Massachuchetts. On July 17, 2019, the lawsuits against Kevin Spacey were dropped in one of the cases of sexual assault on the actor. Other investigations are ongoing. & Lt; / p & gt; title = © AP Photo / Steven Senne, archive />

If Kevin Spacey, recently acquitted of one of the allegations of sexual abuse on him, does Harvey Weinstein have a chance to make ends meet?

I prefer to be optimistic, but the process is becoming extremely difficult for women. Does he have a chance to escape? Absolutely! Harvey Weinstein is surrounded by experienced and reputable lawyers who will do everything to discredit the words of the victims. I hope justice will be done because these women who have made a complaint are extremely brave.

What is your opinion about the suicide of New York billionaire Jeffrey Epstein, accused of sexual trafficking in minors alongside leading politicians?

It is a complex situation! I am sure there are people who are happy that he can no longer hurt, just as there are others who are shocked, especially the young women who sue him.

Did Mee Too also mark the end of impunity for perpetrators of sexual abuse?

I hope so. In addition to this optimism, I believe that we must review our cultures and reconsider the relationship between men and women. I hope that by watching this film, other women will have the courage to speak out and make their voices heard. All voices are important. The most important thing is to speak. Initiatives such as this film or the # metoo movement are useful. I have met many young, militant journalists in France who say that views on #metoo are nuanced. Although it takes time to move things around, you must know that a movement has already begun. A movement on a very large scale.

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