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2019-08-17 14:04:11

Well, I think its nothing more than a buzz word. Everybody like to call themselves an 'entrepreneur' and feel bit self-elevated.

Now its just my opinion and you may disagree. I think most people who call themselves an entrepreneur are actually 'self-employed'. Let me explain the difference (in my mind) between employment, self-employment and an entrepreneur.

Employee - Someone who trade their time with a fixed pay cheque at the end of each month. Nothing wrong with that though.  

Self-Employed - Someone who run his/her own business with or without handful of employees. Self-employed person spends almost 6 - 7 days per week in the business. Acts as sales person, admin person, doer, client relationship manager, cleaner and so on. They are the business. If you separate them from the business, there is no business. Everything is in their mind, no long term goals written down, no systems, no processes. 

This is not what I call an entrepreneur. 

Entrepreneur - A visionary, a strategist, a leader who set up a business or businesses with a team, systems, processes in place. They don't trade their time with money. In fact they hire employees to help them achieve their goals. They hire employees to implement their vision.

They have a very different mindset to self-employed people.

I don’t want to be rude but I get annoyed when I meet people who introduce themselves as entrepreneurs who are just a self-employed ‘consultant’. Again nothing wrong with being a consultant, I’m just against self-elevating yourself by giving wrong impression. If an Accountant can’t introduce themselves as Doctors, similarly for me there is a huge difference between a self-employed person and an entrepreneur.

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Self-employment is not entrepreneurship. Get real! #entrepreneur #entrepreneurship #selfemployed

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