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2019-10-18 22:27:53

According to Trump, Renault sells cars in the US, while the company has left this market for 30 years

Trump pointed out that in the midst of a war with the European Union it was very difficult for the United States to export agricultural products and cars to Europe, while according to him Europe sent Mercedes, BMW, Volkswagen, Renault . Except that Renault left this market in 1987.

At a press conference in Washington, about the game of sanctions between the United States and European countries, Donald Trump mentioned the Renault company among those who, in his opinion, still sell cars in the United States. In addition to the French group leaving the American market in 1987, BFM TV remembers.

The US president talks about the difficulties that his country is experiencing when selling agricultural products and vehicles to Europe, and says it exports to models of various brands in the United States.

For our agricultural products it is very complicated to export (in Europe), for our cars it's very complicated. They send Mercedes, BMW, Volkswagen, Renault, in the case of France, said the president.

New US taxes

The United States started charging punitive rates for $ 7.5 billion in European products from aircraft to wine, cheese and construction equipment on Friday, October 18.

These rates amount to 10% on airplanes and 25% on food and textile products from other European Union countries and on German industrial goods.

renault trump cars market while company left sells products according united states

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